The Colorado Trail Foundation

The Colorado Trail Foundation recently updated their website design to be more mobile friendly, easier to access and aesthetically a delight to browse. When I saw that their email campaign hadn’t yet changed to meet their overall branding, I volunteered to design and code their MailChimp templates.

I backpacked sections 4-11 of the Colorado Trail the past summer of 2018 – an experience I look back on as one of my favorites. With the excitement of the trail still fresh in my memory, I really enjoyed getting to design a more mobile friendly email campaign for the CTF and future hikers/volunteers.

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Design Challenges

Email clients unfortunately haven’t caught up with modern front end frameworks, often rendering HTML and CSS differently than your web browser. Gmail for example tends to strip out the head of emails and won’t honor your media queries, resulting in emails that aren’t responsive or where your content is rearranged.

Gmail has a massive user base for email, so making sure emails render properly for Gmail is important. The solution to this is what’s referred to as a fluid hybrid design where table elements are given an inline maximum width and forced to stack on top of one another.



Adobe XD