I’ve never spent more than a single night backpacking in my life. I realize this as I’m forty miles out, complaining about sore feet and hips, and all the extra weight I wish I’d left behind. It was only last week that we packed our lives into a storage unit and set off to hike the Colorado Trail.

Looking south just outside Bailey, CO on segment 4.

In June 2018 we took a bus and ride to the start of Segment 4 of the Colorado Trail. It was a low snow year, and the typical start date of July 4th was more of a suggestion than a requirement. Postholing, while inconvenient, didn’t necessarily mean the trail was impassable. So we took our chances, and realized we weren’t alone.

Aspen grove, halfway through segment 4.


Peak 2 fire area on segment 7, northwest of Breckenridge, CO.


Nearing Searle Pass on segment 8. The Gore Range provides a backdrop to the north.