The Parsons Center for Arts and Sciences

The Parsons Center for Arts and Sciences is an 86 acre educational center and external campus for Eastern Michigan University located near Traverse City, Michigan. Named after late sculptor Jean Noble Parsons, the campus serves as an interdisciplinary space where students can live while studying. Artists in residence and students can make use of Parsons’ original studio on the property or use modern new facilities nearby, as well as overnight in dormitories or permanent tent sites.

I produced a short promotional video about the Parsons Center for the School of Art & Design and College of Arts and Sciences, as they sought to increase enrollment in their summer programs. Given the distance to main campus, over 250 miles away, we found it compelling to see what courses look and feel like, beyond photographs of facilities and course descriptions. By the time I’d finished editing, I visited Parsons three times, interviewed three faculty and the property manager about their experience there, and followed students on three separate courses in the studio art program and sciences.


Black Magic Cinema Camera
Nikon DSLRs
RODE NTG-2 Microphone
Sennheiser G3 Wireless Lavalier
Jib + Manfrotto Tripods
Glidetrack video slider
Final Cut Pro X / Compressor
Adobe Photoshop / After Effects